App of the Week: Party Hard Go

I'll present you the App of the week, here in the future. Every week, I'll choose one app that got me most for the AndCast Netcast. So why not presenting it to you here as well?

And to make a real good start, it's "Party Hard Go" this week.

Short story: Your neighbors are partying at 3 a.m. and you want to sleep. Mission: Kill them all.
The dark humor of the "Tiny Build" developers is legendary, and as expected you can be very creative to achieve this goal. Poisoning drinks, setting rooms on fire, stunning and stabbing, it's all there. But take care, if you get watched, the strong arm of the law will hunt you. Or the private security guards :P.

This is a great game and you easily can hook on for hours. It's gonna cost you on the Google Play Store. But hey, better than paying for every weapon or so as an in-app purchase.
So NO IN-APP purchases here! Thanks to the devs. I rather pay a few bucks and can use the whole game.

Get it on Google Play: Party Hard Go