App of the Week: Captain Tsubasa Dream Team

You like soccer and strategic games? This might be for you.
The latest Android Game from Klab brings anime/manga star Tsubasa Ozora together with his mates and competitors to your smartphone.

Waiting since the NES release in most countries, this is the thing for any Tsubasa fan.  The graphics are okay since it is a strategy game. The in-cut scenes are very nice and you can see clearly that this is an official release.
The sound is great and thankfully you can hear the original Japanese voices instead of some horrible localized part-time voice actors (sorry for that but so many stuff gets ruined). you can select the rest of the game language seperately. So this matches all the expectations.

There are some caveats however.  The in-app purchases are insane! Even though it's free to download and install, you can easily spend 100+ bucks for a decent package of game items, energy and so called dream balls you need to transfer players to improve your team.
But since you can decide if you want to play just casual, I think it's okay.

So yes, that is definitely an app of the week. Alone for the great comeback of Captain Tsubasa to the world. Klab 1:0 Dull !

Download from Play Store: Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team