App of the Week: NHK World TV

This is one that personally makes me jump around of joy.
Since I have no longer access to satellite TV and bound to a cable provider I couldn't watch NHK World. It was THE program that ran in Background all day long.
The app to watch the live stream of the broadcast as well as video on demand recorded programs, is available for quite some time, but there was one thing missing: Chromecast support!

Finally it makes sense. Watching a TV program on a tiny screen is not. Now you can directly cast the stream to your Chromecast device as intended. Not via a horrible screen cast, but directly as it is meant to be with Google's streaming solution.

In addition you also have a news app, since NHK World's program has a big news chunk, and warnings for the Japanese area. So you are being updated on earthquakes e.g.
The huge video on demand library from recent broadcasts is a great way to get your dose of Japan everyday. Btw. you can follow the whole Sumo season!

There is a lot of more to say, but the most important feature is clearly the live stream of the actual NHK World TV station. Awesome! NHK World is back on my big screen at home. Thank you!

Download from the Play Store: NHK World Android App