App of the Week: Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Yes, another RPG. A real RPG. This app of the week was supposed to be Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. But it didn't make it since it was a great failure and definitely no RPG.

This one, yeah, this is a mobile RPG at its best. Good graphics, great sounds, a real RPG playing style like you would expect and greatly adapted to mobile usage on a smartphone or tablet.
And the franchise is also a name. Sword Art Online has dozens of games, manga and a anime series that made it famous.

Play in the world of Aincrad and reach the 100th floor in the virtual RPG in an RPG. Yes, that's always a part as this series is about a virtual online game. Nice plot that seems to keep people satisfied for years now. This new game makes it even more fun.

Download from the Play Store: Sword Art Online: Integral Factor