App of the Week: Inoreader

After the new Google News app appeared this week, I was testing it. And unfortunately as expected it turned out to select the news very much of what Google believes it's "good" journalism. A very clear channeling of specific news, even though I have clearly favorite some news sources, and Google knows me very good, they rarely appeared on my news feed. Enough about that.
I have found a solution.

You want news from sources YOU care without any censoring from the platform? You want to watch specific Twitter accounts without even using Twitter? You want to curate your own channel to broadcast news YOU are thinking is worth the share for everyone?
Yes, you can! ;) There is an app for that...

Inoreader uses the old but still gold RSS-feed feature that almost any website has. With that even YouTube channels and Twitter accounts can be tied in to your daily feed of news curated by you, not by others. After subscribing to the feeds by entering the RSS-feed directly or the website you want to add, you will get the latest articles presented unfiltered. You can also subscribe by choosing one of the many recommended sources, but you don't have to rely on their catalog. Enter the URL of podcasts, sites and anything with RSS, by clicking the magnifying glass in the subscription screen and click again on the little drawer with the down arrow on the upper-right.

With all the attempts to give you the news others want to shove up your throat, this is as free as it can get in the internet. In terms of freedom of information.
Some features are not free in terms of free beer :). While all the basic features are usable for free, it will cost you a yearly fee to use some premium stuff. If you're a news junkie it's definitely worth it. If you just want to read news casually but uncensored, the free basic version is great!

Download from the Play Store:  Inoreader (News Reader)